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Women in SET

Inova represents WiTEC (European Association for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) in the UK. WiTEC was originally set up in Sheffield in 1997 within the University of Sheffield and Inova has represented WiTEC since 2001. WiTEC is based in 10 countries across Europe and works to promote the recruitment, retention and progression of women in SET via European collaborative projects, predominantly working with the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programme.

Marina Larios (Inova Director) has been the President of WiTEC since 2005 and speaks at a variety of events and conferences on issues relating to gender and SET, including recent presentations at the United Nations New York and OECD in Geneva.read conference proceedings (PDF, 41.1Kb)

WiTEC's aims are:

  • To increase the number of girls and women studying SET subjects and to help them progress to related careers.
  • To develop women's technical and entrepreneurial skills through training initiatives and projects.
  • To create information exchanges and networking opportunities for women in SET.
  • To promote and support research into areas relating to women in non- traditional fields.

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