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Current National Projects

Inova is currently involved delivering on a number of UK-based projects covering our interest areas of diversity, mentoring, enterprise, career development and coaching. To discuss any of our UK projects in more detail, please contact us.

International Talent Programme

Inova has recently launched a new International Talent Programme in Sheffield for students and new graduates to find help deciding future job and career directions and to make the most of their international experience. Free taster workshops are taking place in Sheffield. Contact us to express interest.

Coaching for Individuals Thinking of Starting up in Business

Inova provides business coaching to individuals thinking of starting up in business who are needing a little extra support in terms of working on issues such as building self-confidence, self-motivation or reducing other personal barriers to success. This service is flexible and can be adapted to suit the needs of individual clients, please contact us for further information and pricing. read a case study(PDF, 59Kb)


Free Online Course for Entrepreneurs!

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"Inova helped me in numerous ways with advice and support."
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women in SET

Find out about our work with women in Science, Engineering and Technology.