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Inova has experience of working with a variety of public, private and third sector clients and we pride ourselves on ensuring that our services are tailor-made to the needs of each specific individual or organisation. To find out more about any of the services outlined below, please contact us.

Funding and Bid Writing Workshop

Inova provides workshops and seminars on finding out about funding sources relevant to your organisation as well as practical workshops to help you write stronger bids to ensure a greater chance of success.



Inova provides one to one and group coaching to individuals in the fields of business start up and career development. Inova's focus is in providing coaching to individuals facing personal barriers of self-confidence, motivation and self-belief and empowering individuals to take action for their personal and professional development.


Personality profiling

Inova is able to work with individuals or groups to provide opportunities for personal and career development through personality profiling (utilising psychometric questionnaires) and the in-depth feedback and coaching session which supports this service. Inova’s personality profiling has helped individuals going through or reflecting on a period of change in their working life e.g. returning to work, starting a business or developing a business to a higher level.


Developing Mentoring Programmes

Inova can develop a mentoring programme (using the Mentoring Circles methodology or the more traditional pair-based mentoring approach) to support and develop individuals in a variety of ways such as supporting the progression and promotion of women to senior posts, mentoring women returners, mentoring BAME individuals at work, individuals starting up in business and many more.



Inova is able to offer bespoke training to organizations and projects in our fields of expertise. Our trainers are all experts in their field who are friendly and approachable with extensive experience of working with groups.


Bid writing

Inova has a successful track record of writing tenders and bids on both a national and European level. We can work with you to advise you on the best approach to make a winning bid or else can write the bid in partnership with you.



Inova has extensive experience of evaluating national and European projects and can work with your project to develop an evaluation strategy/framework and undertake the practical evaluation. Inova is experienced in facilitating focus groups and conducting interviews and developing questionnaires for the purposes of project evaluation.




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