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Want to know more about the Empower Project, and the training workshops we will be offering next year? Inova Consultancy is organising an information session on the 23rd of November. Sign up now to attend and hear all about how you can help us make this project into a success!

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The SALE project is coming to end of its lifecycle, here is the final update of the project!

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Here is the first newsletter of the IBIS project - an innovative project working on entrepreneurship with both start-ups and incubators

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Take a look at the inaugral newsletter of the Entrinno project. Inova once again brings its expertise on entrepreneurship and gaming to the European level.

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Here is the latest newsletter from the MENTEE project

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Learn more about the diversity amongst female entrepreneurs across Europe with this report from the WINGS project.

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Inova participates in SELECT proposal to EACEA to develop an innovative Service Learning methodology to foster entrepreneurial skills in engineering and management students.

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Inova will be representing older workers in Sheffield at an International Conference on active ageing this April. read the press release

Who says we need cash to do business? Talent market 4 start ups pilot successful - read about it from a participant's perspectiveread the press release


Are you a VET trainer involved in general business or entrepreneurship training or wish to be involved in entrepreneurship training in the future, especially in the form of mentoring entrepreneurs?  Get involved in our mENTERing project! read the press release

Marina Larios and the fe:male project were featured in the Sheffield Star as part of their 'women in business' feature, March 2011 read the article


Inova took Sheffield-based female entrepreneurs to European meeting in Prague to collect award for marketing a new business idea, September 2010. read the article


Inova is successful in new Transfer of Innovation project through the Leonardo da Vinci fund to transfer Mentoring Circles to Malta, Cyprus and the Netherlands, August 2010. read the article


Inova is part of the Gender-IT project launch to promote gender mainstreaming in the ICT sectors across Europe, April 2009. read the press release(PDF, 42Kb)


Marina Larios is profiled in The Spanish Economist, 5th December 2008. read the full document (PDF, 380Kb)


Inova's Celebration Event for Female Entrepreneurs, 10th September 2008. view press release


Orbita network for female entrepreneurs around the globe is launched, 10th September 2008

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Marina Larios profiled in the business supplement in The Star, July 2008. read the full document (PDF, 1070Kb)


CNN Expansion Award Recognition for Marina Larios' work on her businesses in the UK, December 2007.read the full document (PDF, 90Kb)


Marina Larios profiled as an Alumni of Sheffield Hallam University, October 2007.view profile


Marina Larios sets up the first Mexican Awards Event for Female Inventors and Innovators, May 2006 MEXWII details


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