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Inova develops and delivers mentoring programmes for a variety of different clients, providing support through the needs analysis phase, setting up the scheme, developing and delivering mentoring training, design of the matching process, project management and delivery of mentoring pairs and peer mentoring groups. Inova developed the European methodology of Mentoring Circles™ which we now use with a variety of organisations and individuals experiencing changes in their working lives. Inova also has extensive experience in the evaluation of training and mentoring programmes.

Below are a selection of completed mentoring projects from our portfolio.

We also have current UK and International mentoring projects.


The older active population possesses important knowledge and skills capital, which can be drawn on through an inter-generational process of skills transference. Be a Mentor in the Workplace is a work based project of the Lifelong Learning programme that promotes the development of mentoring skills. Mentors and Mentees should profit from this through an improved organisational and intergenerational climate, enhanced job satisfaction and motivation. Both Mentees and Mentors come together to mutually increase their work performance, be creative, competitive, increase their employability, as well as enabling them to climb the career ladder. For more information visit http://www.bmw-eu.net/ or contact Carolyn at cusher@inovaconsult.com


Inova was the UK partner in this Grundtvig partnership project which shared best practice methods in mentoring for women across Europe. Partners from UK, Austria, Greece, Germany and Romania carried out training seminars and workshops internationally between 2010-2012, to bring together new methods and approaches to mentoring for women.


Mentoring Circles™ for Women Starting up in Business

Inova has run Mentoring Circles™ for women in Sheffield involved in the BiG programme wanting to start up in business. Inova used its proven successful methodology to support and develop women's confidence and self-belief to take their business idea to the next step or develop their business further. Inova has also carried out Personality Profiling for women starting up or developing a business through the BiG programme, to support individuals develop greater awareness of personality strengths and weaknesses and how these can impact upon business. BiG

Mentoring Circles™ as part of Success Doncaster

Inova has run Mentoring Circles™ for women in Doncaster wanting to start up in business. Working with Doncaster CVS, Inova provided Mentoring Circles™ for women starting up a social enterprise and with the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce provided Mentoring Circles™ for women starting up general businesses. Through mentoring interventions such as these, Inova uses its proven successful methodology to support and develop women's confidence and self-belief to take their business idea to the next step or develop their business further.




Inova was the UK partner in this Youth in Action programme from 2009-2010 which produced a set of European guidelines for mentoring, focusing on young women and in the exchange of good practice amongst the European partners to form a Federation of Mentoring for Women in 2009.Website

Pilot Mentoring Programme for Female Academics in STEM

Inova worked with a UK university to develop and manage a pilot mentoring programme aimed at supporting female academics in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine). Inova matched mentoring pairs for the scheme, delivered training workshops for mentors and mentees and ran drop-in sessions to support mentors and mentees in their development of skills and to provide support as the programme progresses.

Mentoring Programme for Women Returning to Careers in ITEC (IT, Electronics and Telecomms)

Inova developed a mentoring programme for highly skilled women who wanted to return to a career in ITEC following a career break (usually for family caring responsibilities). This mentoring programme was part of the Equalitec project – a European initiative funded by ESF to tackle the under-representation of women in ITEC through interventions aimed at supporting women returners in the UK, Italy and The Netherlands.Equalitec

Mentoring Programme for Women Starting Up in Business

Inova developed a mentoring programme funded by Business Link South Yorkshire for women across South Yorkshire to help women start up a business, providing Awareness Workshops, Mentoring Circles™ and Mentoring Pairs. We helped 65 women over a one year period to gain essential confidence and self-reflection skills in order to start up or grow their business.  Case Study (PDF, 96Kb)

Accelerator Growth Programme for Women Business Owners

Inova developed a programme combining Mentoring Circles™, business skills workshops and individualised professional advice sessions for women in South Yorkshire who had been in business between two to five years and who were either feeling ‘stuck’ or needing support to move their businesses forward and keep thriving. The Accelerator Growth programme received funding support from Business Link South Yorkshire. We helped women participants to gain skills, increased confidence and self-reflection and further develop their business strategies as well as widening their networks of successful business women in the region. Case Study (PDF, 122Kb)

Networking and Mentoring for Female Entrepreneurs

Inova co-founded SYFEN (South Yorkshire Female Entrepreneur’s Network) with Beta Technology and funded by the LSC and Yorkshire Forward, to provide women across the region with access to other inspiring women in business through regular networking events. Inova helped over 200 women to start up or develop their businesses through SYFEN, running Mentoring Circles™, Awareness Workshops and Mentoring Pairs. Case Study (PDF, 99Kb)


Inova was the UK partner in this Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project (2011-2013) which aimed to provide self-confidence and training in ICT and create a mentoring system targeted at physically disabled adults and senior citizens in order to increase their skills. The project developed and piloted supporting materials for mentees within the target group and mentors which are accessible, free of charge, through the project website.



Inova is the UK partner in this Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project (2011 - 2013) which aims to provide VET trainers with mentoring skills in order to better support potential entrepreneurs. It has been shown that entrepreneurs benefit enormously by having a mentoring relationship and by instilling VET trainers with these skills mENTERing hopes to encourage entrepreneurial growth within Europe. mENTERing will transfer the already succesfully tested core content of the MAITRE project and will adapt and enrich it following a needs and transferability analysis. The updated content will fit the exact training needs of the target group (VET trainers involved in general business training interested and/or involved in entrepreneurship training) and support the acquisition of mentoring skills and competencies.




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