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Inova around the globe

Inova collaborates all around the globe with high profile organisations to promote equal opportunities, diversity and entrepreneurship.  Inova is passionate about having an impact on a local level but we are also keen to harness the expertise of organisations all over the world.


North America

Inova has been collaborating since 2005 with high profile consultant Claudia Morrell founder of  the Multinational Development of Women in Technology (MDWIT) and founder of the ITF group. MDWIT has its headquarters in Baltimore and was founded to accelerate growth in the global knowledge economy. MDWIT believes that by combining women’s latent potential with innovative ideas and technology that all women and girls, their families and communities prosper.


Latin America

  • Inova in partnership with GWIIN launched MEXWII (Mexican Women Inventors and Innovators) programme which aims to support female inventors and innovators. The launch of the programme took place in Mexico City in 2006.
  • Inova has been collaborating since 2005 with Gloria Bonder who leads the UNESCO regional chair on Women, Science and Technology in Latin America and is the Director of the Gender Studies Institute at FLACSO (the Latin American School of Social Sciences) which was founded in 1957 by the initiative of UNESCO. Flacso runs an innovative on-line Masters in Gender, Science & Politics.
  • Inova in collaboration with role model Barbara Waugh from HP also participated in the platform 'Women in the Information Society: A Global Context and Tools for  Ensuring Full Participation of Women in Latin America' in Santiago, Chile in 2006.


Inova via WiTEC has national offices in 10 European countries and as such collaborates with more than 30 organisations across Europe in the field of equal opportunities, entrepreneurship and diversity.

In addition, some of the organisations we are currently developing projects with across Europe include:

    • Netherlands:
      • VHTO
    • Sweden:
      • Halmstad University 
      •  Emmerce
    • Italy:
      • University of Bologna
      • VITECO
      • SOPHIA
      • Profesia
    • Spain:
      • Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna 
      •  Scienter Espana
      • ESADE
      • knowl 
      • CECE
    • Estonia:
      • Tallin University
    • Austria:
      • Technikon 
      • BEST
    • Portugal:
      • GHD- Global Development Consultants 
      • Delta Consultores 
    • Denmark:
      • Valbjorn Consultants
    • France:
      • Greta du Velay 
    • Belgium:
      • C.E.S.E.P.  
    • Romania:
      • RoMarketing 
    • Greece:
      • EDEM 
      • Militos Emerging Technologies & Services  
    • Cyprus:
      • Intercollege, University of Nicosia
    • Slovakia:
      • ASTRA
      • Technical University of Kosice
    • Iceland
      • VMST
    • Malta
      • FWE


Inova participated in the high profile initiative “PAWII” (Pan African Women Inventors and Innovators) which took place in Ghana in 2006 led by GWIIN. Marina Larios was invited as a judge and she delivered some of the mentoring workshops. PAWII



Inova collaborates via the ITF initiative with Dr Patrice Braun, Deputy Director of the Centre for Regional Innovation and Competitiveness, University of Ballarat, Australia. Dr. Braun has also joined the ORBITA initiative launched in Sheffield, UK in 2008. ORBITA aims to connect women entrepreneurs across the globe.University of Ballarat



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