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Celebrating Diversity

Inova promotes diversity through our work in promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers and opportunities for women. Inova has represented the UK branch of WiTEC (European Association for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) since 2001 and through this work we have collaborated on a number of European projects aimed at promoting or supporting women in STEM.

We also work with women returners who want to return to a career in STEM following a break, usually for caring responsibilities, to provide them with the tools and confidence to get back to work.

Inova promotes diversity in entrepreneurship, encouraging more women to start up in business in order to redress the gender imbalance of business owners in the UK. Through our work promoting entrepreneurship to women and BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic groups) individuals we aim to show that business is for everyone, regardless of gender, background or ethnicity.

Inova has worked on research and evaluation projects regarding diversity issues and bring this knowledge and experience to our consultancy work.

Please see below for our portfolio of completed projects in this area. We also have current UK and International diversity projects.

LLLAB: Lifelong Learning for Active Citizenship and Capacity Building

Inova is a UK partner in this Grundtvig partnership (2009-2011) bringing together organisations active in lifelong learning and adult learning from across Europe to share best practice on engaging with adult learners.

Meta Analysis of Gender and Science, Engineering and Technology Research

Inova was a partner in this European Commission Seventh Framework funded project involving partners from over 30 European countries. The project ran from 2008-2010 and had the following aims:

Provide an exhaustive overview and analysis of all research carried out on gender and science at European, national, and regional levels.

Make the study results accessible to researchers and policy-makers via publishable reports and an informed bibliography available in a database.

Steer policy-making on gender and science in the years to come and define future research priorities within the Seventh Framework Programme, in particular through good practice examples and gap analysis in the various research topics.

The full report on the results of the study were published in early 2012, and can be accessed from the CIREM website

You can also download the synthesis report on the results of the study below

 Meta-analysis of Gender and Science Research



Inova was the UK partner in this Leonardo Network programme (2008-2010) with partners from 6 countries across Europe involved in research regarding initiatives and best practice in the field of gender and IT projects from across all 30 member states. The network aimed to foster gender mainstreaming in vocational and educational training within the ICT sector. Website

MAKNO: Managing Knowledge in Intercultural Learning Communities

Inova was the UK partner in this Grundtvig partnership network (2008-2010) which brought together expertsworking in training in intercultural programmes and diversity to exchange knowledge and information on training methodologies/approaches between different countries across Europe.

Career Development Workshops and Personality Profiling for Women Returners in ITEC (IT, Electronics and Telecommunications)

Inova developed and ran career development workshops which aimed to increase women’s confidence and equip them with up to date job-searching skills and information to help them return to a career in ITEC. Personality profiling was also provided to women to aid them reflect on strengths and weaknesses when putting together job applications or preparing for interviews.Case Study (PDF, 109Kb)

UK Database of Women Experts in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology)

Inova/WiTEC UK developed the database in 1997 as the first initiative of its kind in Europe to be used as a tool to raise awareness of the skills and knowledge of women in science, engineering and technology. The database contains information on key women who are considered experts within their field of SET occupations and has become an important tool for the media, governmental bodies and those working to promote the position of women in SET.

Tackling Stereotypes

Inova participated in this European project across ten countries to develop resources for changing organisational cultures in SET, outlining positive initiatives and projects to develop and promote women in SET in business and in academia.Project Findings (PDF, 1,322Kb)

New Opportunities for Ethnic Minority Women

Inova facilitated focus groups for this project working for the Policy Evaluation Group. The focus groups were centred on understanding women’s attitudes to employment and unemployment and the cross-cultural meanings of work.

European Mentoring Diversity Gold Standard

Inova was the external evaluator for this project which developed a Masters programme across different European countries in the field of European management and diversity.

Diversity Forums & Diversity Training

Through a variety of projects such as Equalitec and consultancy work, Inova has contributed to the development of Diversity Forums which bring together key stakeholders in order to develop diversity strategies for their organisations. In addition, Inova diversity workshops have helped public and private organisations to raise diversity awareness amongst their workforce.


Inova was the UK partner in this Grundtvig Multilateral project, aiming to create a series of courses aimed at HR managers, trainers and 50+ citizens, to support older workers within the community and working environment. SiGOLD created an e-learning module aimed at each of these target groups.



Inova was the UK partner in this Grundvig partnership project looking to encourage young women from technical fields to network with 50+ women and help them take better advantages of new technologies through mentoring and shared practices.




Inova was the Co-ordinator of this European Leonardo da Vinci partnership project which will share best practice and experience from Europe to support quality placements for European Youth in Microbusinesses.



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