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Coaching for success

Inova offers coaching services to help individuals going through periods of change in their working lives. This could be returning to work after a break, changing careers or starting up a business. Coaches within Inova use a combination of techniques and tools drawing from a solution-focused and strength-based approach within coaching to build an individual’s confidence level so that they can start to make positive changes towards developing their new career or business.

For those looking to start their own business, we are currently able to offer one-to-one start up coaching at a subsidised rate. A 1.5 hour session with one of our experienced business coaches is just £89.00 (plus VAT) and your second session will be free.

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Please see below for information on our past coaching programmes.We also have current UK and International coaching projects.

Personality Profiling for Entrepreneurs in Doncaster

Inova provided personality profiling and feedback coaching sessions for individuals starting up or at a crossroads in development. Working with Doncaster CVS and funded by Success Doncaster Inova helped individuals better understand how their personality styles and preferences can impact on their development as an entrepreneur. Individuals completed a personality questionnaire and received a confidential feedback session from our Work Psychologist. Success Doncaster

Coaching for Women Returning to IT

Inova delivered coaching sessions to women who wanted to return to a career in IT but who needed support to identify their career strengths and to build back their  confidence levels to the point they had been prior to their career break. A pilot group of 10 women received a one-off coaching session which helped them to recognise the strengths and skills they had developed during their career break which could be applied back in to the workplace and which in turn helped to increase confidence levels about their career prospects. The coaching sessions ran in parallel to an overall career development programme including career clinics and skills-based workshops to provide women with greater skills and confidence to successfully return to work in IT.

Coaching for Women Starting Up in Business

Inova has worked with a network of Associates to deliver coaching to women thinking of starting up a business in South Yorkshire through a variety of funding programmes including Yorkshire Forward and Business Link. Our coaches meet with women for either a one-off or multiple coaching sessions and have helped individuals gain a better sense of focus, better understanding of their motivations and ‘drivers’ in business and to gain clarity on their goals and plans for their businesses.

Coaching for Individuals Facing Personal Barriers to Business Start-Up

Inova has worked with men and women facing personal barriers to starting a business including issues such as low self-confidence, motivation, self-management and procrastination to help individuals build the confidence to move forward and start up the business they have always dreamed of.




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