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Improving your career fit

Inova has developed programmes and interventions aimed at helping individuals develop the careers they want, particularly for individuals who see their career fit as being self-employed. Inova uses career counselling tools and techniques to work with individuals on a one to one and group basis to help them reflect on their skills and experiences to date and how to transfer these into new employment/self-employment opportunities. We specialise in working with individuals returning to work following a career break for any reason.

Please see below for our portfolio of completed projects in this area.

We also have current UK and International career SOS projects.


Youth2Work is an EU-funded project supporting young people out of education or employment (NEETS from 18 to 28 years old) to gain valuable soft skills and competences to aid job-seeking and employability. An essential aim of this programme is to decrease isolation felt by young, disadvantaged NEETs through contact with peers, improving confidence, language and communication skills.


Learning 2.0gether is a new project, coordinated jointly between Inova Consultancy Ltd and Voluntary Action Sheffield, working together with partners from all over Europe. The project results in a win-win-situation by bringing together young people who have skills in using Social Media tools with older workers in SMEs who would like to learn more about the world of Web 2.0.

FEPIC: Female Engineers Pushing Innovation in Companies

Inova was the UK partner in this European Commission project running from 2008-2010 exploring the needs of female students looking to become leaders in Engineering. The project also undertook research with current female leaders/managers in Engineering to gain their input on the development of an online training tool to develop leadership skills for female undergraduates. The project was managed by the University of Bologna, Italy and brought together partners from 6 countries across Europe.

Eu Return: Innovative Career Development Support for Women Returners

Career Development Workshops and Personality Profiling for Women Returners in ITEC (IT, Electronics and Telecommunications)

Inova developed and ran career development workshops which aimed to increase women’s confidence and equip them with up to date job-searching skills and information to help them return to a career in ITEC. Personality profiling was also provided to women to aid them reflect on strengths and weaknesses when putting together job applications or preparing for interviews.

Networking Workshops for University Students

Inova provides networking workshops for Sheffield Hallam University students in collaboration with the Enterprise Centre in order to equip students with vital career skills which are particularly relevant for those students thinking of starting up in business but also for general career development.

Personality Profiling for University Graduate Entrepreneurs

Inova has provided personality profiling services for graduate entrepreneurs from Sheffield Hallam University who feel they are at a cross-roads in their business development or are looking for additional support in their personal development. Personality profiling focuses on an individual's work-based styles of behaviour and can be a useful tool for self-reflection and to provide information which individuals can use to inform their business development. Individuals complete a personality questionnaire and receive a confidential feedback session from our Work Psychologist.

Get Mobile!

Get Mobile helps unemployed or underemployed female graduates (in Business and Science) to find out more about the benefits of going on a placement in Europe, at the same time supporting SMEs in the process of hosting placements.


Free Online Course for Entrepreneurs!

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